Message from the Chairlady

Mema Bourtsouklis, Chairlady

Message from the Chairlady

To Our Beloved Community members. with great thanks,
I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude and love to all of you that have played a special part in making our community grow to what it is today.

To my Very Supportive Ladies Committee, your understanding, you know what I mean, Your unconditional love and support, that you have showed me, I will cherish in my heart forever.
Our laughs, our jokes and the once a year “girls” gathering makes it all well worth if!
I must thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for making such a great work team and this would not have been possible without you. You have worked so hard and have been absolutely amazing. You hove supported me in everything I have asked for.

We have made this community grow into a great success over the years. Without you all, our successes would not have been possible. Look at our children, how special they all are, they are what we live for! They are our purpose in our life. When they all gather up together in church, specal days when you find them folding boxes for loukoumades, even selling “lambades” candles during our Holy Special Easter Week. I admire and love them with all my heart.

How involved they have became with the Sunday School, thanking our beloved Pater/father Sergio and our Sunday School teacher Chantell Kokkinos for their dedication, all their love and kindness they have showed them ..

We all contribute in our own very special way and that is what is so special and unique about our community. We are all willing to donate, and help wherever each one can, and in today times we are blessed and very fortunate. Again I cannot express my gratitude enough to all you ladies for making our community grow in what it is today.

Together we are bonded and interested, keeping the Greek Culture growing and passing it on to our children. Our Greek School has grown, and with great thanks again, to all you caring mothers and yiayiades (grannies) for participating and allowing your children/grandchildren to learn the Greek Ethos, language and culture. To understand and know what Hellenism is all about and what it stands for.

To our Greek Teachers Demostheni and Anna Axios, a huge thank you goes out to you too. Our kids progress in the Greek language would not have been possible without you. We are even getting bursaries to attend Saheti School. How amazing is that!
I encourage you all to keep the good work and support going, because without you all, the love and perseverance we all have, our progress would not have been possible.

With the Grace and Gods blessings, positivity, I wish you all happiness, health, prosperity, love and success as we venture to carry on growing much stronger in the new years to come.

Have a wonderful and blessed evening,

With Love Always
Memo Bourtsouklis