Message from Father Sergio

Archimandrite Fr: Sergio (Yaremtso)

Message from Father Sergio

Dear Chairman Honorable Members of the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Community of the Vaal Triangle, dear Brother and Sisters in Christ .

It’s been now more than two years that I serve you as a priest, to tell you the truth, it’s been for me like two months. Although, we can all witness about quite big changes. Our church participation and congregation increased, we organized in a very nice way our Sunday school activities, under the guidance and blessing of His Eminence Damaskinos, the Archbishop of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The way you all, and especially the Ladies’ Committee and younger parents try to do your best to achieve our goals is amazing. For me the main concern are our kids . They are our future, our joy and eventual support. That ‘s exactly why we are all doing our best so that they grow up in faith, educated in our Church tradition, Greek culture, history and language, but also learn the moral principles of life, something that is extremely difficult to keep in our modern pluralistic and lost society.

The recent Annual Feast of our church in Vereeniging was so blessed and successful that we all felt, I think, that we are on the right way and can carry on. There must be a vision in everything we do in our life. It brings the right inspiration from on high into our hearts, it gives strength and wisdom, joy and happiness.

That vision mustn’t be small, it should be visible throughout all our life. And the vision for us, Christians is clear, it’s written in the Gospel and given to us through our two thousand years’ tradition, confirmed and explained by the Martyrs of faith and Holy Fathers and Teachers of the Church. We just have to follow them, and apply this Vision to our daily life. lt ,will give us also all the solutions we need, for our personal, family and community life.

Wishing us all a very successful and joyful Annual Ball of the Community.

With prayers and blessings,

Archimandrite Fr. Sergio (Yaremtso)